Hydraulic high-pressure hoses are utilized in industrial applications, in hydraulic systems of various mining machines and quarry vehicles, in forest machinery and agricultural equipment, as well as road building machinery. Hydraulic high-pressure hoses are used for connection and balance of reciprocal displacements of hydraulic units.

Hydraulic high-pressure hoses are used for transportation of various materials, oils and fuels. With high quality components our hoses carry high loads and work in wide range of climate conditions and with wide range of pressure with quadruple safety factor. Also, we offer competitive price with our high-quality production equipment and immediate availability of components for fabrication that let us bring down the final price.

You may buy from us hydraulic high-pressure hoses and other hydraulic components, we provide wide range of products, on-time delivery and assistance in any kind of technical matter.

Our company profile is manufacturing and sales of high-pressure hoses, we are aiming to be the best in this field.

Buying high-pressure hoses from our company lets you get best product up to required quality and price.


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Product overview:

1. High-pressure hose 1SN Du 6 Pwork=225Bar, 2SN Du6 Рwork=400Bar (Acros, Vector, Torum)
2. High-pressure hose 1SN Du8 Рwork=215Bar, 2SN Du8 Рwork=350Bar (Acros, Vector, Don)
3. High-pressure hose 2SN Du10 Рwork=350Bar, 2SN Du12 Рwork=275Bar, 2SN Du16 Рwork=250Bar (Acros, Vector, Torum)
4. High-pressure hose 1SN Du16 Рwork=130Bar, Du20 Рwork=105Bar, Du25 Рwork=88Bar, Du32 Рwork=63Bar (Acros, Vector, Torum)
5. High-pressure hose 2SN Du20 Рwork=215Bar (Acros, Vector, Torum)
6. High-pressure hose Рwork=385Bar; Рwork=420Bar
7. Special-purpose machinery
8. MTZ and modifications, Don, Niva
9. Don, Niva, Enisey, Polesye
10. DT-75 and modifications
11. K-700 and modifications
12. K-700, T-150, building machinery
13. Don, Niva, Polesye, Enisey
14. Road machinery, loaders, crane trucks
15. MTZ 1221
16. K-744R, K-744R1, K-744R2


Design and fabrication of hydraulic high-pressure hoses in accordance with TU 4791-001-00166887

Certificate of conformity GOST R ROSS RU.АЕ81.Н04509

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 No. DE-31100448 QM15

Fabrication of built-to-order hydraulic high-pressure hoses from 1 piece, including fabrication by customer's specifications

Long-term customers get discounted price and delay in payment

We manufacture and sale hydraulic high-pressure hoses